A Gold medallist from the Delhi University, Poonam Soni started her career as a hobby. Her pieces became popular among the social circles owing to their unconventional design. From then on, there was no looking back.

She is truly a pioneer who started a luxury brand introducing the concept of ‘bespoke jewelry’, signature boutiques & stressed upon service & craftsmanship. Today Poonam Soni has successfully created India’s first luxury jewelry brand catering to a select & niche clientele.

Saturday Statesman (Jun 1997):
When it comes to jewellery design, Poonam Soni has very few equals in the country.

Cosmopolitan (Aug 1997):
Wearing it with attitude, designing it with flair & experimenting with it to make a statement, Poonam Soni lives & breathes jewellery.
This girl with the golden touch has turned her passion for jewels into a thriving business. Oh, by appointment only.

Saturday Times (Mar 1997):
“This bright as a penny jewellery designer has a way with gold & other precious things called rubies & sapphires.”

Times of India (2000):
The real Mona Lisa jeweller designer Poonam Soni.When extra ordinary people do ordinary thing on the streets the aam junta finds it always too hard to ignore.

Times of India (Sep 2000):
She’s branded as the queen of designer jewellery the woman who signs in gold.

Education Times (2002):
She is probably the first woman to brand jewellery with her name.

Indian Millionaire (Sep 2005):
She is the pioneer of customized jewellery in India, her accessories are unique, her name now a brand. She is the designer magnificent.

Vogue ( Dec 2010)
For two decades, Poonam Soni has been marrying her two loves-art and jewellery. Ambition is not the only thing required to transform jewellery into an art form. For Poonam Soni it has a lot to do with aesthetics, personal beliefs and a real passion for beauty.