The brand Poonam Soni is probably India’s first luxury jewelry brand starting out in 1989.

The founder of the brand Poonam Soni Signature Line Private Limited, Poonam Soni pioneered bespoke jewelry in India in 1989 at a time when the traditional Indian jeweler ruled.

Hailing from a country with a formidable jewelry tradition & a very closed market; she started her career soon after the country’s economy opened up to make way for new talent.

And so, she revolutionized the Indian jewelry market when she introduced semi precious stones like Malachite, Lapiz, shells and leather in 18 carat gold to create the Greek and Egyptian style of jewelry which caught the eye of Harrods in 1992 at the London fair. From then on she introduced various collections with experimental unique techniques like burnt and crushed gold and each piece of her jewelry used various mediums to create a work of colorful art. The concepts of ‘bespoke’ custom designed & luxury, statement jewelry are synonymous with ‘The Poonam Soni Style’

The Poonam Soni brand today has three boutiques in Mumbai & offices in New York & Paris. The brand sells high end jewelry under the label Poonam Soni & has floated ‘Jewels Eleven’ a new company which curates jewelry from selected brands & designers all over the world to create a unique shopping experience under one roof.